Alleged Child Predators need to eat, too

Jason Gouldon at Carls Jr - credit Yelp

When free on bail and awaiting your fate after being arrested for molesting children, you still need to eat – so why not eat well?

Alleged pedophile Jason Gouldon does just that. According to his Yelp profile, on October 18th, 2017, on the six-week anniversary of his initial arrest for child molestation and child pornography, he enjoyed (and reviewed) a nice meal at Dametra Fresh Mediterranean in Monterey, CA.

In the review, he comments:

“I love eating here I just miss the lamb kabob meat that was amazing why did you stop serving that?”

Why not enjoy it while you can? It is unlikely that they serve lamb kabobs in the penitentiary.

Jason Grant Gouldon Prison food
We wonder how he’ll rate his prison meals? Can inmates Yelp? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.