Get Involved

You’re an awesome person and you want to help. So what can you do?

  • Attend a public court hearing. Court hearings are open to the public and anyone can sit in. Show your support and show you won’t tolerate this kind of behavior by attending hearings whenever possible. A list of upcoming hearings can be found on the hearings page or you can search for “Gouldon, Jason” under Smart Search on the Santa Cruz Superior Court Court Case Access Portal.
  • Discuss with friends and family. When an alleged predator is walking the streets on bail and awaiting a hearing, it helps to let people know. Protect your children and community. People should be aware.
  • Share your thoughts. You can comment directly on most pages of this site. You can also use the contact form to send the author a message. Share the site and posts on Facebook and get the word out.
  • Talk with the Santa Cruz Sheriff’s Office or District Attorney’s Office. If you have any info that may be helpful, reach out to the Sheriff or DA’s office to talk.


Have any other ideas or something that’s missing? Send me a message.