Jason Arrested on 9/18/2017

Jason was re-arrested on September 18th, 2017 on additional charges.

Jason Gouldon in Court

At an arraignment hearing on September 18th, 2017 the initial complaint was amended and the district attorney added additional charges. This resulted in a bail increase and for the current bail bond to be exonerated. Jason was again arrested in the courtroom and brought in to custody at the Santa Cruz County Jail.

Mr. Gouldon was able to post a new bail bond and was released the next day, 9/19/2017.

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3 thoughts on “Jason Arrested on 9/18/2017

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  2. ella seneres

    So what is the newest on this trash of a human: I thought I would look up if convicts are still shanking child rapists, see I thought he was a child molester, but it came to me, no he is a child rapist, because if he used items to penetrate mouth, anus or vagina of my two tenant children /girls, and not even sure he did his wickedness in my rental, that is rape by definition. And yes, one good thing is convicts are even more keen to clean out the prison system of child rapists. So when is his appointment with destiny? But I think they will be pulling his chest hairs off first for a few rounds as a female, and spanked on the ass and sodomized and made to gulp down much come, then he will die. That is the law of the jungle in prison, and why he keeps stalling; just go face your destiny in hell. And do not think like Jeffrey Dahmer that some how he thought he be left alone even though he was attacked he still was in Lala land and asked to be on the main yard, and within hours he was cornered in the bathroom on his bathroom cleaning duty and was beaten to death, only his mama might have cried over that loss. Like I might have mentioned before worked as a volunteer in level four prisons up and down califas for more then 40 years, so I know what awaits him, all those who came out alive, were in protective custody and you can now see them on Megans list, and some parts of town have so many dots you just look ahead and speed thru that community and pray to not stall. To think he was my tax person, and then I had pity on him and let him into my rental but whoa, what a lair and not too good at it, and just so full of himself letting his dogs crap all over the place and lying like it was air, it came so naturally to him, but I knew within two days of his arrival I was in trouble because he actually lied about something with a witness present and acted like a whole conversation did not even happen then I knew I was going to have to evict, but I like the girlfriend, she was cool and a deep soul, and the kids were super special, very talented, and smart, and just sweet children, and the girlfriends parents and especially her mom were so kind, that is why I hate him so much, we left in conflict as a floor was ruined and they denied the damage, but his acts trump the tile floor and I feel extremely traumatized as I myself am a survivor of sexual abuse and to know these girls will suffer the consequences as I have for my whole life; makes me boil over and want to go do justice on him myself, but I will let the convicts do what they do best. And Jason if you are reading this, if you try to harm me come silently and also know if you do try to kill me, I left a note to the Crip Nation to take revenge for my death, so just go silently into the abyss of prison hell, cause it is hell. Also know if you do not come silently and I see you coming, I will shoot to kill. I hesitate not, even though I am a Christian, I will kill you. So if you want a easy way out, make yourself known so I have time to load the shotgun as I have been forced to do before with other tenants who kicked a door down to threaten me, but if you want I can take you out if that is how you want to go out. No one harms me with impunity.


  3. ella seneres

    Oh and this smirk you got on, get ready to open that mouth for many convicts to give them pleasure, as it is the law, and how life is, I do not agree with this, as I oppose all forms of rape, but whomever violates children should be smart enough to know they will die if not in protective custody and then that is not too safe either, because one thing that happens is when there is a riot in prison, first act is breaking thru every door to make their way to snitches and even a lower strata human the child rapists and molesters. My anus was always quivering when I went in to prison because you sign your life away and if you get caught up in a lock down or when a riot breaks out no one is coming to save you, and you can get raped to death, and that was always a reality and even though I had the protection of the Crip Nation as I went in, as I was keeping and doing time on the outside with a OG Crip high up in their nation for more then 20 years, but it still was not a 100% sure thing protection wise, so the smirk will vanish and tears will fall and hell will come upon your last days, bro.


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